More leads for your business

With the right online advertising

We use targeted, cost-effective online advertising to create a predictable stream of leads for your business.
You get their details from us in real time, follow up with them, and close the sale.


What we do

Your business needs a constant stream of leads to generate predictable profits month after month, but prospecting and collecting leads can take a lot of time.

By outsourcing your lead generation activities to us, you'll save time and money, and you'll be able to focus on running your business and improving your products and services.

We'll set up your lead-generating campaigns, and we'll manage them for you: all you have to do is check your email for the details of the leads generated by our campaigns.

You and your team can then focus 100% of your "selling time" to close sales, and turn those high-quality leads into paying customers and clients.

The advertising and lead generation campaigns we create have only one purpose: helping you to close more sales by giving you a predictable stream of high-quality leads.

We don't create campaigns to increase "brand awareness" for your business, we are only interested in measurable results — your increase in sales and profits.

We set up and run your advertising campaigns on popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter, targeting your ideal clients and customers.
We keep testing and optimising the campaigns to make sure you get high-quality leads, at the lowest cost possible.
We drive traffic from your ads to your landing pages (web pages that are optimised to convert visitors into sales leads).
We set up and manage your landing pages for you: you won't have to modify your existing website.
Every time new leads are generated by our system, we send you their contact details in real time via e-mail, so you can follow up with them.
You can also choose to publish your phone number on your landing pages, so you can receive enquiries via phone.
We want to make sure you get a positive return on investment, so we only charge you a flat monthly fee for our services.
On top of that, you give us the monthly budget to spend on advertising: we'll use 100% of this budget to buy ads (we won't take a commission).

Our Skills

How we do it


We interview you to make sure we understand everything there is to know about your offer and your ideal customers.
Then we create advertising campaigns that are targeted specifically to your audience.

A/B Testing

We continually create and test new versions of your ads and landing pages.
We keep the winners and throw away the losers, to make sure you always get the best results from your campaigns.


We write to sell: the text on your ads and landing pages is written to prompt interest in your products and services.
This effectively pre-sells the leads, so it will be easier for you to close the sale once you've contacted them.


We track the results of your advertising campaigns to keep improving them.
We also track all the leads generated by your campaigns, and make sure you receive their contact details in real time.


Your landing pages are designed for conversion: they don't just look nice, they turn visitors into leads.
The same principle applies to your ads: we only use images that attract high-quality leads.


Armed with the results of our testing and tracking, we optmise your campaigns month after month.
We keep down the cost of acquiring of new leads, and drive your return on investment up.

Our process

Free Strategy Session

We get on the phone to learn about your business and help you develop your own lead-generating campaigns. At the end of the call, you can decide to implement the strategy yourself, or you can ask us to do it for you.


Interview And Analysis

We interview you over the phone to understand every detail of what you sell and who your ideal customers are. We then decide how to structure your campaign to make sure you get exactly the kind of leads you want.


Advertising Campaign

We create your ads and landing pages, and start running your advertising campaign. We set up our tracking system, so that you can receive information about new leads on your e-mail address as soon as they're generated.


Testing And Optimisation

We keep testing new versions of your ads and landing pages to keep your costs down and get more leads. Each month, we ask you about leads that resulted in sales, so we can fine-tune your campaign and get even better results.

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